Management Philosophy

Learn about the values and philosophy that we hold dear.

Management Philosophy

This is our promise to society for securing continuous, stable business operations.

The mission of TOA Oil is to contribute to society through providing a stable supply of energy. Based on that core understanding, we establish the TOA Oil Management Philosophy as follows.
  1. We make assurance of the continuity of HSSE (health, safety, security, and the environment) the cornerstone of our management principles.
  2. We drive constant improvement through originality, ingenuity, and technological innovation, and strive for sustainable development.
  3. We vigorously support cooperative relations with Idemitsu Kosan group companies and our partner companies, seeking win-win relationships with each.
  4. We strive to develop human resources and skills and form a dynamic team based on mutual understanding and trust.
  5. We engage in fair, transparent management and create a corporate culture that inspires employees to speak with pride and enthusiasm of TOA Oil’s development and its bright future.

TOA Oil’s management philosophy is that we contribute to society through oil-refining and power-generating operations that ensure stable supplies of energy, thereby fulfilling its responsibility to society.

TOA Oil conducts its business activities in harmony with society, the environment and regional communities, based on robust support for health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE). We believe this stance to be essential for long-term, sustainable development.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

TOA Oil encourages all employees to share and understand our company’s vision for fulfilling its mission and its reason for being to contribute to society; the strategies by which we aim to achieve that vision; and the values that guide the strategies and the methods we formulate for that purpose. With that goal in mind, we declare the TOA Oil Mission, Vision and Values as follows.


Based on plant-operation and equipment-management technologies developed over many years, TOA Oil responds flexibly to changing conditions to deliver the optimal energy supplies society demands.


Even in our smallest facilities, we uphold operating efficiency that would make the largest oil refinery proud. Supported by our oil refining operations, we produce and supply electrical and other energy. By accomplishing these things, TOA Oil continuously creates value and earns the trust of society.


  • ・Pursuit of operational excellence: Safety, creativity and ingenuity
  • ・Sincere conduct
  • ・Flexible response to changing conditions
  • ・Indomitable will to victory: Teamwork and employee growth

Vision for Employees

The Vision for Employees is a policy aimed at ensuring that TOA people uphold compliance and conduct themselves as professionals at all times. The 13 Principles of TOA Taro (TOA Employee) spell out in detail the awareness each employee must have to strive to be such a TOA person.

Employee Ideals

Initiative / Team Spirit/ Challenge

These ideals mean that, regardless of qualifications, rank or number of years of service, all employees consider on their own what they can do to achieve our goals, trusting each other, working together and daring to tackle great challenges without fear of failure. This is our image of the TOA person, the ideal professional.

The 13 Principles of TOA Taro

  • [Independent mindset]
    We have a can-do attitude that never gives up or makes excuses.
  • [Collaborative mindset]
    We look broadly at the big picture, not just the part assigned to the individual.
  • [Daring mindset]
    We understand that true stability only comes from constantly tackling new and ambitious challenges.
  • [Compliance-oriented mindset]
    We maintain constant vigilance, even when we think we “know it all.”
  • [Teamwork-oriented mindset]
    We build friendly, cordial relations with everyone.
  • [Awareness of passing skills to future generations]
    We take the future, not the present, as the starting point.
  • [Awareness of schedule management]
    We plan all things on the basis of efficiency, not feelings.
  • [Health orientation]
    Rather than be controlled by our appetites, we follow the natural rhythms of life.
  • [Awareness of work-life balance]
    We value our time with family and friends.
  • [Listening mindset]
    We train ourselves to hear even the slightest criticism, so we can take immediate action for improvement.
  • [Bottom-up mindset]
    We work not because we have to but for the joy of it.
  • [Orientation toward self-enlightenment]
    The greater the adversity, the greater the learning opportunity.
  • [Research mindset]
    We understand how important the basics are.

The Brand Project

It is now over 60 years since 1955, when TOA Oil built a refinery on a plot in Kawasaki and began operation of normal-pressure distillation equipment. In commemoration of that milestone, in November 2015 we launched the Brand Project.
What is the TOA Oil brand? It is the sum of the values we hold dear. It is the essence of TOA Oil. In this project, we are conducting deep research into the thoughts of all employees on the foundations on which all employees stand, the essence of TOA Oil: Our unshakeable, unwavering commitment to excellence. The purpose of the project is to inspire employees to actions that will realize the goal of making TOA Oil a stronger company.

Brand Proposition

The brand proposition is a way of thinking that is the foundation of the TOA Oil brand. It defines the vision, spirit, value to customers and code of conduct of TOA Oil.