Basic Policy on HSSE

At TOA Oil, we recognize that maintaining health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE) is our duty to society, and the key to the continuation of our business activities.

Definition of HSSE

  • Health
    Forming a comfortable work environment, managing the health of employees and securing the safety and work environment necessary to prevent occupational accidents
  • Safety
    Securing safe people, safe equipment, safe products and safety in construction work, shipping and cargo handling
  • Security
    Responding to unusual phenomena and other emergencies and taking appropriate and preventative actions to minimize damage from outside intrusions, threats, acts of terror and other crises
  • The Environment
    Preserving local environments and the global environment

Basic Policy on HSSE

At TOA Oil we recognize that it is our responsibility to society to ensure safety, enforce crisis management, protect people’s health and preserve the environment in the course of our business operations. Based on this recognition, we establish a basic policy on HSSE as follows.

  • With respect to disaster preparedness, crisis management, occupational health and safety, product safety and preservation of the environment, TOA Oil not only complies strictly with all related laws and regulations but also implements its own appropriate measures and strives for continuous improvement.
  • In all phases of operations, including launching new businesses, installing large-scale equipment and developing products, we conduct a prior evaluation for HSSE. When conditions change, we conduct a fresh evaluation as necessary.
  • In our own operations we constantly seek more effective resource-saving and energy-saving measures, strive to eliminate pollution, and otherwise lessen our environmental impact.
  • TOA Oil takes HSSE into consideration in all phases of operations, from acceptance of crude oil to shipment of products, providing proper guidance to everyone who handles and uses these products.
  • We strive to operate equipment safely and maintain it correctly, taking appropriate measures to prevent accidents and disasters.
  • We make every possible effort to prevent occupational accidents.
  • We stipulate emergency measures to take in the event of an accident, disaster, terrorist strike or other incident. When and if such events occur, we take appropriate measures to minimize damage, cooperating fully with the related authorities.
  • We conduct regular audits regarding compliance with laws, regulations and standards related to HSSE and the status of implementation of various measures.
  • We educate, train and raise the awareness of employees regarding HSSE, promoting high levels of HSSE consciousness in employees and encouraging them to participate and cooperate of their own volition.
    We seek the cooperation of our partner companies and other related companies in all of the above, providing guidance and notices where necessary.
  • We conduct surveys and research in the field of HSSE and encourage the use of those research results.

Environmental Policy

  • In all of its business activities, we comply with all legal and other environmental requirements.
  • We strive for continuous improvement of our environmental management systems, preventing pollution and lessening environmental impact.
  • We strive for resource- and energy-saving operations, to provide a stable supply of safe, environmentally friendly products at low cost.
  • All personnel active at TOA Oil facilities understand this policy and practice environmental preservation activities.

Quality Policy

  • We provide a stable supply of safe, environmentally friendly products that win the trust of customers and society, at low cost.
  • We ensure that all employees understand the importance of quality control, strive to improve quality control with creativity and ingenuity, and support and continuously improve our quality management systems.

Security Policy

  • We continuously improve the reliability of our equipment, protecting the safety of all employees of TOA Oil and partner companies.
  • We evaluate sources of danger that may affect security in the course of operations at our premises and make improvements, striving to prevent incidents.
  • We constantly drive the PDCA cycle in our security management systems, making continuous improvements, in the effort to uphold a solid foundation for preventing accidents and disasters.
  • We comply with special requirements as well as the security-related codes of conduct of the industry and other related associations.
  • We specify security management targets, implement plans to achieve them, and review our targets regularly.
  • At TOA Oil we recognize that the key to sound security management is our people. Guided by that perspective, we conduct education to encourage employees to make their workplaces more dynamic and efficient, working continuously for safe and stable operations.
  • To promote security management activities, all employees are kept well informed of current security management policy through education and awareness-raising exercises.