Here we provide an overview of our principal oil-refining and power-generating equipment.

Keihin Refinery
(oil refinery)

Keihin Refinery is located in the heart of the Keihin Rinkai (Tokyo-Yokohama coastal) area, one of Japan’s leading industrial belts. It functions as the core refinery for the Idemitsu Kosan Group in eastern Japan.
Keihin Refinery is distinctive in two key ways. First, it is exceptionally well provisioned with cracker units. Second, unlike conventional oil refineries, Keihin Refinery refines not only crude oil but also heavy raw oils (oil residues generated after refining of crude oil) accepted from other refineries.

Overview of Keihin Refinery

The processing capacities of key TOA Oil equipment are as follows.

Keihin Refinery Capacity
Atmospheric distillation unit 70,000 BPSD
Naphtha hydro-desulfurization unit 17,000 BPSD
Catalytic reformer 9,500 BPSD
Kerosene hydro-desulfurization unit 15,000 BPSD
Diesel oil hydro-desulfurization unit 20,000 BPSD
Vacuum distillation unit 58,000 BPSD
Vacuum diesel oil hydro-desulfurization unit 46,000 BPSD
Flexicoker 27,000 BPSD
Fluidized catalytic cracker
42,000 BPSD
Propanel Propylene spilitter 345 t/day

※BPSD = barrels per stream day (1 barrel = 159 L)

Overview of Key Equipment

  • Atmospheric distillation unit
  • Vacuum distillation unit
  • Hydro-desulfurization unit
  • Fluidized catalytic cracker (FCC)
  • Flexicoker
  • Propanel Propylene spilitter

Mizue Thermal Power Plant (Power Generator)

Deregulation of Japan’s power-generating industry enabled TOA Oil to make effective use of fuels produced as by-products of petroleum refining, providing us with the opportunity to participate in the power wholesaling business. In 2003 we launched operations at Mizue Thermal Power Plant. Mizue Thermal Power Plant also plays a role in supplying our Keihin Refinery with electrical power and process steam.

Overview of the thermal power plant

The processing capacities of key equipment at Mizue Thermal Power Plant are as follows.

Mizue Thermal Power Plant Capacity
No. 1 Steam Boiler 630 t/hr.
No. 1 Steam Turbine Generator 194,890kW
No. 2 Gas Turbine Generator 81,560kW
No. 2 Heat recovery steam generator 250 t/hr.

Overview of the Thermal Power Plant

  • No. 1 Steam Boiler
  • No. 1 Steam Turbine
  • No. 2 Gas Turbine
  • Heat recovery steam generator
  • Dry electrostatic precipitator